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Fitness Trackers Fail at Assisting Weight Loss

Wearable, electronic fitness trackers are enormously popular People use them to gauge how much activity they get on a daily basis. The tracker may provide them with some type of feedback that suggests they should go for a run or stand up for a while. All of this data is supposed to help users lead […]

29 Sep 16 Jen Wherrell

Developing a Well Balanced Running Plan

We run this Mother!   Whether you are just starting your running journey or you’ve been pounding the pavement for awhile now, learning how to run better and more efficiently can make for a better running experience. Because I know how daunting running can be, I’d like to share some tips of the road I’ve learned. […]

21 Sep 16 Jen Wherrell

5 Tips on Best Running Gear

Running Gear Breakdown: From Head to Toe Are you getting ready for a race or are just starting out on your running journey and want to know what to wear when running? Do you know that you should avoid cotton, because instead of helping to wick moisture & heat away from your body it traps heat […]

14 Sep 16 Jen Wherrell
healthy snacks my house fitness

7 Delicious Healthy Snacks That Will Fill You Up

Eating healthy can be a challenge in our fast-paced lifestyles and bombarded with tempting advertisements to lure us back into the danger zone. It begins with a mindset which includes purposely planning your day ahead of what meals and snacks you will be eating.

07 Jun 16 My House Fitness

NO #excuses

There are many things in life that can make or break you. The good news is YOU are in control of your DESTINY. There isn’t a person, a company or circumstance that can STOP you from hitting your goals. “I’m too tired. It’s raining. I can’t work out on days that end in day.” We’ve […]

02 Jun 16 My House Fitness
mother's day fitness gifts health my house fitness

5 Fabulous Fitness Gift Ideas for Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day to show our mothers how much we appreciate them for all they have done. Maybe you have started to recycle different types of gifts and needing a few new ideas as we enter a healthier season of her life. Here are 5 creative ways to inspire your mom to lead the healthiest life possible:

08 May 16 My House Fitness
star wars day workout motivation my house fitness

May the Motivation Be With You!

We’ve all been there. Making excuses for why we can’t go to the gym. Motivation is one of, if not the most difficult thing to maintain when it comes to exercise. Just taking the initiative to get out of the house and walk through those studio doors is something to be proud of. Below are 5 strategies you can use to stay motivated!

04 May 16 My House Fitness
Rest Assured: 10 Things You Can Do on a Rest Day

Rest Assured: 10 Things You Can Do on a Rest Day

For those hardcore exercise enthusiasts, the word “rest” can be just as daunting as the word “exercise” is for everyone else. And while it is important for gym-goers of all skill levels to take these “recovery” days throughout the week or month, it does not mean you need to completely shut down in front of a TV, binge watching your favorite Netflix show.

19 Apr 16 My House Fitness

Make Date Night a Workout!

Keeping your body healthy takes work. Keeping your relationship healthy also requires effort. Why not combine the two and make your next date night an evening at the gym! You can spend time together, to ensure that your body and your relationship stays strong and healthy, while you workout. Sounds like a win-win to me.

18 Feb 16 My House Fitness

Improve Your Cardio Health with Cardio Club

Last week, I talked about how running was a great means of weight loss. If your were intrigued, but still are scared to take the leap, then this week’s post is for you! Let me tell you a little bit more about the Cardio Club at My House Fitness, a great way for you to […]

03 Feb 16 My House Fitness

Running for Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, running can be a great way to make it happen, but it also can be intimidating to non-runners. If you are interested in adding running to your fitness routine, or if you are a runner and need some help getting over a plateau, read on for my tips! 

27 Jan 16 My House Fitness

Is Gluten Really Bad for You?

We all know someone that has given up gluten. While eating clean by avoiding processed and refined foods is a good way to improve your overall health, avoiding gluten may not be the panacea that many have made it out to be. Gluten—Facts and Fiction What we eat and why has become as trendy as […]

26 Jan 16 My House Fitness

The Truth About Calories

What is a calorie? According to m-w.com it’s: “a unit of heat used to indicate the amount of energy that foods will produce in the human body.” Translated that means it’s the energy we consume through food and drinks that allows us to function. Simple enough, right? But if you have ever counted calories like […]

21 Jan 16 My House Fitness

Drab to Fab in 2016—Establish a Home Fitness Routine

Are you struggling with your fitness routine? I know I do. While it may sound like the easiest thing in the world to establish a workout routine—get up, go to the gym, go about your day—thinking about it and doing it can be two vastly different things. But if you want to go from drab […]

12 Jan 16 My House Fitness

Are You Smitten with SMIT?

If you are a regular at My House Fitness, then odds are you are familiar with HIIT or high-intensity interval training. While HIIT is based on some solid science, and it is still an effective workout, aren’t we always looking for the next, better thing? And there is something new you can try, which everyone […]

22 Dec 15 My House Fitness

Lost Chores = Lost Calories

Skipping out on your chores could mean a whole lot of calories you aren’t burning.

14 Dec 15 My House Fitness

The Dirt on Cleanses

If you have decided to try a cleanse, be sure to do your research. Some cleanses are healthy and some are not.

08 Dec 15 My House Fitness

Thanksgiving Overload—How to Bounce Back

If Thanksgiving overload has got you down, here is how to bounce back and get back on track to a healthy and active you.

01 Dec 15 My House Fitness

4 Tips to Increase Your Mental Toughness

Whether you are looking to take yourself to the next level in your daily workout or if you have a big challenge in life (job interview?), facing down pressure and operating at your best when the stakes are high is a skill we could probably all use a little help in mastering. Here are four […]

19 Nov 15 My House Fitness

Lighten Up Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Soon it will be Thanksgiving—a time of family and togetherness, and let’s be honest more than a little food. In fact, odds are strong you may even think of the food before your family. But since Thanksgiving only comes once a year, your inner voice may say ‘What’s wrong with doing a little indulging?’ Unfortunately, […]

10 Nov 15 My House Fitness

Get Back Your Pre-baby Bod

Congratulations! You have a healthy baby, and you are ecstatic about the addition to your family. But what you may not be as happy about is how you look post-baby. Many new moms are anxious to get back to their pre-baby bodies as quickly as possible. The important thing to focus on is to have […]

05 Nov 15 My House Fitness

Top 5 Core-Strengthening Exercises

No doubt we all want a toned (and flat!) mid-section, but keeping your core strong is about so much more than how your tummy looks in a bathing suit. Here’s what a strong core can do for you: Develop your balance and stability Improve your posture Reduce lower back pain Protect your inner organs Here […]

26 Oct 15 My House Fitness

Latest Fitness Books

Sometimes getting fit is as much a mental game as a physical one. If you are looking to get (or keep) your brain in the game of living a healthier life, here are some books to add to your night table reading. Strong: Nine Workout Programs for Women to Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Build […]

20 Oct 15 My House Fitness

How to get past a fitness or weight loss plateau

When you have been working out and watching what you eat, it can seem like losing weight is super easy. But then you stop losing weight. What’s going on? It is only natural to hit a slow patch in your weight loss and personal fitness. First let’s talk about why your fitness nutrition progress may […]

12 Oct 15 My House Fitness

Confessions of a Reluctant Exerciser

I have to wonder if Benjamin Franklin was thinking about me, so many years in the future, when he penned the following: “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.” I spent years just existing, thinking I was fit enough, hardworking enough and self-disciplined enough […]

05 Oct 15 My House Fitness

Find your perfect sports bra

For many women, a good sports bra may be as important, if not more important then a good pair of sneakers. Your girls need a home, especially considering that research has shown that your breasts can move up to eight inches, in all directions, when you exercise. Here are the things you need to seek […]

05 Oct 15 My House Fitness

What should your daily water intake be?

  Most of us have held fast to the idea that we should aim for eight, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Unfortunately, what your daily water intake should be really depends on you, your level of activity and a whole host of other factors. That being said, we all need water. After all, […]

02 Oct 15 My House Fitness

Life After a Weight Loss Challenge Wellness Workshop

Congrats! You are close to completing you’re My House Fitness Weight Loss Challenge. You are so close to reaching your weight loss and personal fitness goals you established with our personal trainers. You obviously aren’t one to shrink from a little competition, but maybe you aren’t sure how you’re going to keep all that good […]

29 Sep 15 My House Fitness
A hand holding a wide variety of nuts and seeds.

Our Favorite 4: High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

If you have never heard of a low-protein diet for weight loss, it’s because the idea is absurd. The parade of low-carbohydrate, low-sugar and low-fat nutrition plans are endless but protein is the exception to problematic body fuels. Eating low amounts of protein is sometimes recommended to a very limited group of individuals with metabolic […]

04 Sep 15 My House Fitness
Abdominals workout postureFloor AbdominalsBasic

Good Form: Doing it Right with MHF

  Good form is essential to a good workout and weight loss. If you are sweating your way through an awesomely tough workout but feel you’re not getting as much out of it lately, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your routine. Now is a great time to call in an expert opinion, […]

10 Aug 15 My House Fitness
Group Training

Social Fitness: Better Together at MHF

When you hear about social fitness, it’s usually in reference to technology that allows you to connect with similar fitness-oriented people through apps or sites. My House Fitness has a different take on social fitness than what is posted as announcements and achievements in news feeds. We prefer to think of social fitness as a […]

23 Jul 15 My House Fitness
Clock with healthy diet healthy food

Nutritionists, RDs, and the My House Fitness Difference

Do you know the difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian? You might think that nutrition counseling services automatically deliver the advice of a nutritionist, but that’s not always the case. It’s important to understand the difference in who might be giving you guidance on a major aspect of your life. Nutritionists are people […]

06 Jul 15 My House Fitness
Dumbells, tape measure and healthy food. Fitness and health

Your Health: 3 Nutrition Tips from My House Fitness

Everyone has advice about fitness and what, when and how to eat right. It’s tempting to tune it out if you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of nutrition tips on social media and everywhere else, it seems. The nutrition counselors at My House Fitness encourage our program participants to focus on the basics of a […]

17 Jun 15 My House Fitness
woman covering nose because the man stinks

My House Fitness Moments: The GOOD Kind of Gross

Nose-crinkling, brow-furrowing, eye-narrowing moments that gross us out can take on a totally different meaning in the world of fitness. These are badges of honor made possible by fighting your way down the tough road toward your weight loss goals. Callouses and Blisters: The New Tattoo It’s not so bad when the blister is just […]

05 Jun 15 My House Fitness
Arnica Wild flower

My House Fitness Medicine Cabinet: Arnica Cream

Storied pain reliever arnica has been flying under the radar for years because of the controversial claims that it can reduce aches, sooth sore muscles and lessen the severity of bruising. The flowering herb has been used in medicinal care for centuries and today, depending on the formulation, it is a popular homeopathic pain remedy. […]

29 May 15 My House Fitness
Man holding red and green apple

Lockdown on Late-Night Snacks: My House Fitness Tips

Stop relying on good, ol’ fashioned will power when it comes to fighting the urge for late-night snacks. When you’re thinking about that leftover birthday cake your best friend insisted on bringing over, chocolate frosting will win just about every time. You call it an innocent craving. We call it a seed of self-sabotage. Before you take another night-bite, here’s some food for thought.

21 May 15 My House Fitness

My House Fitness Mantra: Stay Fit, Stay Successful

The link between staying in shape and performing better at work has never been stronger. A successful career places constant demands on your body and mind, and staying fit improves your body and mind. Look at the two as partners on team YOU instead of feeling guilty about taking time away from work in order to workout.

14 May 15 My House Fitness

The Biggest Losers are the Biggest Winners

Why do we love The Biggest Loser?  Because what’s not to love?  How many reality TV shows leave you feeling inspired and hopeful, rooting for someone to succeed, not because they are the most cunning, clever or ruthless, but because everyone who participates, whether they technically “win” or not, wins?  How many reality TV shows […]

23 Dec 14 chris w

Weight Loss and Menopause–It’s Never Too Late

We know what it’s like: You get older and it seems harder and harder to get weight off and keep it off.  Hormones change, metabolisms slow, and both women and men tend to collect fat around their middles.  Maybe you’re working just as hard as ever, and yet you see the numbers on the scale […]

15 Dec 14 Carolina Clevenger

On-the-Run Fashionista

We all want to look our best, and let’s face it, most of us don’t even show up at the gym without a modicum of effort at our appearance, so we understand that lots of you might be looking into some super-cute running clothes.  We just want you to keep something in mind: While you […]

08 Dec 14 chris w

Put Me In, Coach?  How About, “Put Me in Touch with a Certified Personal Trainer?”

You may call her (or him) “coach,” but if you want the best results, make sure she (or he) is more than just a coach.  Coaches are great–don’t get us wrong–we could all use a little rah-rah, some motivation, tips on how to improve performance in different areas of our lives, but if you’re really […]

02 Dec 14 chris w

Breakfast Smoothies to the Rescue!

Smoothies are a big favorite around My House Fitness.  They’re easy, portable and varied; there are as many ways to make smoothies as shells on the beach; and you can build each one to fit your taste buds, your lifestyle, your exercise and fitness needs, and more! Breakfast smoothie kind of person?  You can combine […]

05 Nov 14 Carolina Clevenger

Take a Load Off–When is Enough Too Much?

You’ve been working hard, training hard and maintaining a strict gym schedule–and you’re seeing results! Hooray for you! We love that! But let’s take a self-check for minute: Are you tired? Lethargic? Having trouble sleeping or concentrating? Are you irritable or having mood swings? Getting sick easily or often or experiencing sore muscles that just […]

15 Oct 14 Carolina Clevenger

Negative Calorie Foods–Not the Unicorns of the Healthy-Food World

They do exist!  Negative-calorie foods are fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index that your body uses more calories digesting than the food’s actual calorie content.  They sound like an urban legend, don’t they?  Too good to be true?  Luckily for all of us, they’re real–seriously! Besides being somewhat of a holy grail for […]

07 Oct 14 Carolina Clevenger

Feel the Burn, Part 2: Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do at Home

Last week, we gave you five great fat-burning exercises you can do at home, and this week, we’re offering five more.  We know that life happens and you can’t always make that Boot Camp class or training session that you’d planned, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss working out altogether.  You can still […]

01 Oct 14 Carolina Clevenger

Feel the Burn: Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do at Home

A lot of our clients ask us what exercises they could or should be doing at home to help them burn fat. You can’t always make it in for a class or workout; life gets in the way. But just because you’re not with us, doesn’t mean you can’t still raise your heart rate and […]

22 Sep 14 Carolina Clevenger

Say It Ain’t So: Top Ten Workout Myths, Part 2

Last week, we started a list of the top ten workout myths people seem to cling to and share with their friends.  These myths have been shared so often, that lots and lots of people accept them as fact–but they’re not.  With all of the misinformation out there, we thought it was about time to […]

15 Sep 14 Carolina Clevenger

Say it Ain’t So: Top Ten Workout Myths

We’ve all heard them: words of wisdom and “sage” advice from well-meaning friends.  It seems like everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing before, during and after a workout to get the most out of all your hard work.  What you may not know is that some of the longest-held beliefs about […]

11 Sep 14 Carolina Clevenger

In It to Win It: 10 Reasons You Should Join a Weight Loss Challenge

1. Because you’re human and people are competitive. A spirit of competition can bring out determination and staying power you never knew you had, but once you know you have it, you can use it over and over again to achieve your goals. 2. Speaking of goals: People are more likely to follow through on […]

20 Aug 14 Carolina Clevenger

Crazy, Stupid Expectations? Saying Goodbye to the Baby Weight the Right Way

Anyone remember that scene in Crazy, Stupid Love when Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off and Emma Stone says, “Seriously? It’s like you’re Photoshopped.”  Well, guess what, girls.  You don’t live in Photoshop; and contrary to what most magazine covers would have you believe, neither does anyone else.  We know you’re surrounded every day by […]

08 Aug 14 Carolina Clevenger

Get It and Go: Healthy Breakfasts on the Run

Mornings are an especially busy time for almost everyone.  Gym, school, work, appointments, etc. all make mornings hectic; and oftentimes, the first thing to go is breakfast.  Maybe you rationalize this by telling yourself that you’re eating fewer calories, therefore being healthy, but skipping breakfast is a bad choice if you’re trying to lose weight.  […]

29 Jul 14 Carolina Clevenger

Count ‘Em on Your Fingers: Five Supplements You Should Take Every Day

It seems like there’s a new article out every week about supplements you should be taking or new foods you should be eating.  Many of these are touted as wonder drugs, but the truth of the matter is that there are a few essential supplements that everyone should take and they’ve been around for ages.  […]

23 Jul 14 Carolina Clevenger

Try this out (it WILL change things..)

Try this out (it WILL change things..) What are your habits? Do you eat the same thing for lunch, go through the same exercise routine, and fall into bed at the same time each night? Or maybe you’ve made a habit out of eating whatever looks good, avoiding the gym, and staying up as late […]

20 Jul 14 Carolina Clevenger

Just the Two of Us: Bringing Your Reluctant Partner Along for the weight loss Ride

So, you’re getting yourself in shape, and you want to bring your partner along with you.  How do you do it?  That’s a tricky one.  People are all very different with different sensitivities, so trying to tell your partner that you’d like for he or she to lose weight is a fine line to walk.  […]

17 Jul 14 Carolina Clevenger

It’s OK to fake it sometimes, in fitness

Everything starts with your THINKING. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, and when you decide to get fit.. start acting like you already are…. then spend those 24 like a fit person would. You still have today, yesterday is already gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. Start faking it today, and soon you will have made it.

07 Jul 14 Carolina Clevenger

Super (Role) Model Moms and Dads: Get Fit and Healthy!

At My House Fitness, we believe that parents are their child’s first and most important role models.  And right now, when we’re facing an obesity epidemic (especially with children) in this country, it’s really important to be, as Ghandi said, the change you wish to see in the world.  But, how do you it?  Get […]

24 Jun 14 Carolina Clevenger

Dreading the Dogs Days of Summer?  Think Like a Puppy.

Thinking about how to keep your kids active this summer?  We know it can be difficult sometimes to pry those video game controllers out of their hands and get them outside, especially when it’s a scorcher, so we put together a list of activities that even your most ardent gamer can’t refuse.  When we started […]

11 Jun 14 Carolina Clevenger

It’s Getting Hot in Here–How to Train for Heat

Summer’s heating up and we’re still outdoors (and staying there) for Boot Camps and other classes.  Obviously, with the heat comes a few concerns for your health and safety; namely, how do you exercise in the Florida heat and humidity and stay safe? First: Stay hydrated.  When you work out on a normal basis, you […]

02 Jun 14 Carolina Clevenger

Beach Body Weight loss.

Winter Springs 6 Weeks to a Beach Body 2014 Contestants!

29 May 14 Carolina Clevenger

One is the Loneliest Number (and the Most Likely to Fail)

Looking to really succeed at your fitness and weight-loss goals? Studies say the best thing you can do is get a partner.  There are just some things that are better shared.  If you’ve come to us, made a plan to change your diet, up your workout level, join a Boot Camp class, etc., that’s a […]

28 May 14 Carolina Clevenger

Bottoms Up! How Much Water do You Need Everyday?

The answer is a little more complicated than it might seem.  According to Yuri Elkaim of U.S. News and World Report, the easiest way to calculate this is to take your body weight and divide it in half.  So, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day, […]

20 May 14 Carolina Clevenger

Eat It: Fueling Up Before a Workout

We know lots of you are curious about the best foods to eat before a workout. If you want to get the most out of your fitness training, you need to be properly fueled.  Some people believe that fasting before a workout will help your body burn more fat, but that’s just not true.  A […]

14 May 14 Carolina Clevenger

Stick a Fork in It: Beating the Belly Bloat After 40

What happened?  You hit 40 and your belly just started to slowly expand despite your best attempts to control it?  We know you’re thinking, “I’m getting fat!” and you’re starting to panic, aren’t you?  Of course, fighting the battle of the bulge after 40 takes on a new urgency and more work, but that may […]

23 Apr 14 Carolina Clevenger

To Carb or Not to Carb? Maybe You Should Carb Cycle!

We can see the confused look on your face from here.  Carb cycling? What’s that?  It may just be the answer to your weight loss prayers.  While no weight-loss plan is complete without fitness training, carb cycling offers you a chance to lose weight and still eat some of your favorite foods.  You can kiss […]

11 Apr 14 Carolina Clevenger

Fill Me Up: Eat Less Calories, Feel Full Longer

Nobody likes feeling hungry, and when you push your hunger too far, blood sugar levels drop and suddenly you find yourself ready to eat anything to lose that feeling, right?  That’s when negative food choices happen and your weight loss program takes a nosedive.  Our advice?  Don’t push your hunger too far.  Also, choose meals […]

08 Apr 14 Carolina Clevenger

Bend, Don’t Break: Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are some of the most common injuries related to working out, but did you know that knee injuries are more common in women than in men? Little known fact, maybe, but true. The knee injury rate among female collegiate athletes is roughly one per 1,000 “athlete exposures” (workouts or competitions). Among high school […]

01 Apr 14 Carolina Clevenger

What’s your goal?

  Motivation comes from having a goal. What is your goal? IF you would like to get in awesome shape, ask yourself why that is… Take a minute to really uncover the reason that you want to lose the weight and/or tone up. Don’t say something vague like you want to ‘Be thinner’ or ‘Look […]

25 Mar 14 Carolina Clevenger

7 Ways to avoid Stress

7 Ways to avoid Stress Maybe it’s the time of the year, but it seems like a lot of us are getting more stressed than ever.. Just last week I had 3 clients txt me saying their stress levels were causing them to eat bad, and ‘fall off the wagon’ I know it’s the Holiday […]

29 Dec 13 Carolina Clevenger

Christmas Party

Veggies Veggies and the MHF Christmas Party   So, it’s been awhile since I have had time to blog, sorry peeps I’ve been crazy busy, running 3:43 marathons with my girls and what not…..only kidding. Business has been insane and I haven’t even had time to post about our Back to U challenge winners, so look […]

08 Dec 13 Carolina Clevenger

Results and thoughts on Crossfit

  First I want to say Congratulations to LT one of our super amazing clients that has achieved so much in the last 18 months! She is a perfect example of how hard work pays off! Anyway, last week I ran into an old friend of ours at the gas station. First she told me […]

21 Jul 13 Carolina Clevenger

Personal Goals

Don’t be like this person…. At My House Fitness we have ONE lazy personal training client. (Just one.. really, everybody else is super-kick-BUTT) I won’t mention his or her name, but for the sake of this post lets go with her. If her mindset doesn’t change soon I’m going to cancel her account and just […]

11 Jul 13 Carolina Clevenger

Training and the art of Happy

The problem with haters nowadays This week we had a get together with friends at the beach and everyone had a great time. We relaxed by the beach, swam in the Ocean, the kids played by the pool and we had tons (… TONS!) of food. The best part about having get-togethers like this is that […]

07 Jul 13 Carolina Clevenger

When I Drink…

When I drink….I do weird things. You may not know this about me, but I grew up in Damascus, not Syria but Ohio – and well there isn’t a whole lot to do there for fun on the weekends except drink. Me and my high school friends were recently talking about this – the ‘good […]

30 Jun 13 Carolina Clevenger

Falling off the deep end…

This has been a difficult 7 days…my grandma, my moms, mom is very sick and unfortunately it doesn’t look very good. Last friday I got the call that she had fallen ill and without delay we packed up and flew to Ohio to see her. I have already lost my mother and my father. As […]

02 Jun 13 Carolina Clevenger


What is the best gym franchise to buy? That’s a question you will have to answer for yourself. But we feel the My House Fitness franchise opportunity is one of the best in the industry. Ten reasons we’re the best gym franchise opportunity: A small client base. With traditional gyms, you need thousands and thousands […]

22 May 13 Carolina Clevenger

Can your Vacation ruin your fitness routine?

So you want to have fun on your vacation, but you don’t want to slip back into old habits? Vacations are all about relaxing, having fun and not having a care in the world. If you are far along in your fitness journey having fun on vacation can mean relaxing a little on your diet […]

05 May 13 Carolina Clevenger

It’s Ok, to Fake it….sometimes in Fitness.

It’s OK to fake it…. sometimes I hope y’all are having a great weekend. We have a lot of stuff going on at the gym. Three weeks ago we started the 8 week Ultimate Beach Body Boot Camp sessions, and the next session will start in a few weeks! -. If you’re interested, reply back […]

28 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

Do you really know what it takes?

  Owning our own Personal Training studio has been a blessing. Once we decided to franchise our lives got even more crazy. I mean 2 studios with the hopes to open up another one this summer, three kids under 8 and of course keeping our marriage strong. Takes a lot of effort! I mean we […]

22 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

We stand strong…

Boston…. Of course when I saw the news of what happened in Boston last week I was devastated. I was actually shocked at how upset I was. Those of us who are runners, those of us who have run a marathon know what it takes to get up the nerve to run 26.2 miles. The thing […]

21 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

Belly Busters!

  Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Todd Sontag and I am a local board certified family physician practicing in Oviedo, FL- and I hate prescribing medicine. Now I’m not saying I don’t prescribe medicine, but I really prefer not to dish them out. There are medicines that are absolutely necessary as people […]

17 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

What is your State of Mind?

You’ve probably heard this from me before, but I rarely listen to music when I run around Tuskawilla- I am usually chit chatting with Christian, Trish, Molly or Sara. But when I am running on my own from Red Bug Lake road to Dyson and all around Northern Way, I listen to audio of some […]

14 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

Recover From Your Crazy Weekend

You know how it feels to wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of less-than-healthy eating. Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight. Maybe you are feeling that way right now? We have all been there, but today I thought why not give y’all some healthy steps […]

06 Apr 13 Carolina Clevenger

Party Rockers!

Take a close look at the people that surround you, do they: Support you or hinder you in achieving your goals? Are they party rocking or party pooping on your ideas? Are they there for you in your journey of health and happiness? Are they working on being healthy too?  I am so lucky that […]

31 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Smells like some bull….

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort If I had a dollar for every excuse I have heard or said about why you can’t have what you want in your life I wouldn’t be writing this […]

26 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

The road to “SOMEDAY”….

Are you on the road to “SOMEDAY”? Hey y’all! I hope you had a great weekend. We took it easy, went to the beach, had dinner with friends and spent a relaxing weekend with our cousins from Ohio and Charlotte! No craziness, and we even fit in a 4mile run to the Lighthouse! In fact, […]

24 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Fastest Results You’ll Ever Get!

Fastest Results You’ll Ever Get.. Yo, Jen here your friendly Winter Springs MHF trainer :)– hope you’re having an awesome day! This post may be one of the most important ones you read all day. I’m not just saying this to make you read it… it’s because this one is about mindset & positive thinking… […]

20 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Hallelujah Muffins!

  I have to admit something…I love to eat. I love to try new foods and I love to cook. Only one problem, on the way to my best body ever, or as my friends know it #DieselMode2013, the food I have to eat is pretty BORING! Chicken and broccoli, Chicken and green beans, chicken […]

18 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Heel Pain-is ALWAYS plantar fasciitis- right? Dr.Todd Sontag

Heel pain is a common complaint in runners. You ask your fellow runners, and they will probably tell you it’s plantar fasciitis and that it may take forever to heal! Since it’s impossible for a runner to stop running, you keep going and suffering. Some may even go to the doctor who will press around […]

17 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Harlem Shake: My House Fitness Style

My House Fitness isn’t just a Training Studio, its a fun place to be 🙂 make friends and get fit!! 🙂

13 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

Try this out (it will change things…)

What are your habits? Do you eat the same thing for lunch, go through the same exercise routine, and fall into bed at the same time each night? Or maybe you’ve made a habit out of eating whatever looks good, avoiding the gym, and staying up as late as possible. John Dryden famously said, “We […]

12 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger

21 Day Meditation and Our our of Shape Winner!

  Today started my first day of the Oprah 21-day Meditation Challenge. Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t far from something I would do. I mean I am a pisces after all…always in the clouds searching for that just out of reach peace…I mean piece of the puzzle….but first just the other day I […]

11 Mar 13 Carolina Clevenger


Join us for “Happy Hour” Boot Camp Workouts at My House Fitness.  

05 Feb 13 Carolina Clevenger


If you’ve got a spare 12 minutes…

05 Feb 13 Carolina Clevenger


Often a couple’s date night includes a glass of wine, a nice meal and dessert. Maybe a movie. It may sound like fun, but the evening can also leave you tired and full. Now, a local gym is offering couples a special evening out without the guilt.  It’s called the Date Night Workout and it’s […]

18 Dec 12 Carolina Clevenger


My House Fitness, an Orlando-based personal training studio franchise, announced today the opening of its first franchised location in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando, Florida. “We couldn’t be more excited to open in College Park,” said Chris Wherrell, co-owner of the up-and-coming fitness franchise, “Our goal is to build affordable, yet cutting edge fitness […]

18 Dec 12 Carolina Clevenger


Recently, Jen Wherrell from My House Fitness answered a few nutrition questions from Eating Orlando, a local restaurant review and information blog. What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give someone who eats out a lot, but wants to eat healthy? Portions. Restaurants give out way to much food. Remember to ask for a […]

16 Dec 12 Carolina Clevenger