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3 reasons why fall is the best time to get in shape

3 Reasons the Fall is the Best Time to Get in Shape

If you ask someone what their favorite season is, chances are better than average that they’ll say fall. There are lots of reasons for this. Perhaps it’s the changing color of the leaves or the proliferation of pumpkin-spice everything. Maybe you’re just glad that the kids are back in school and that the sweltering heat of summer is a thing of the past.

Here is yet another reason to love the fall: It’s the perfect season for getting in shape. If that’s not something you’ve ever considered before, then read on to discover why autumn fitness training should be everyone’s goal.

1. Ideal Weather

This year’s 90 degree days are firmly in the rear view mirror. Right now, you can pretty much depend upon mild temperatures and beautiful blue skies. This means that the weather is perfect for outdoor fitness training. Take a hike, go for a walk, ride a bike, do some paddling or join an outdoor boot camp. You can’t beat the crisp fall air for keeping you comfortable in light layers. While summer is hotter and likely to cause you to sweat through your clothes and winter requires wearing heavier pieces, fall is the ideal blend that lets you be comfortable no matter how tough your workout is.

Don’t be afraid to start out a bit cool with your choice of outdoor workout clothes. You’ll warm up soon enough, and you don’t want to wear so many layers that your movements are restricted.

2. Festive Events

The holidays are here. That means being able to participate in all kinds of fun events, and we’re not talking about the office Christmas party. Fall is the perfect time to find a festive fun run or walking event. Sign up for a race that encourages wearing a Halloween costume or showing up looking like a turkey. Maybe you’ll find a local event where you can haul around a pumpkin or display your athletic prowess in some other suitably festive way. What a fun opportunity to meet like-minded folks while also getting in shape!

3. Seasonal Produce

Fall is also the perfect time for getting fit because of the amazing variety of fresh, seasonal produce that’s available. Nothing supports a fun workout routine like a nutritious diet. Head out to the farm or fruit stand to pick up all the pears, apples and squash that you can carry. Produce has all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body craves as fuel to keep you going. Just as important, you’ll save money by purchasing local, seasonal items.

Fitness training can help you lead a healthier lifestyle all year long, and fall just might be the ideal season for making a commitment to better exercise habits. Don’t put off getting into shape even one more day. Contact My House Fitness to get started now.