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5 reasons why small gyms are more effective than big box gyms

Deciding on a Gym?

Many people resolve to get fit in the New Year, and that often means joining a gym. One of the first decisions each of these people must make is whether to go with a local gym or a gym that’s part of a national corporation. Initially, it may appear that the big gym is the more attractive option, but there are several reasons why a smaller, local gym just might be the better way to go.

1. Personalized Workouts

Larger gyms have a tendency to promote one-size-fits-all workout plans that may not fulfill your fitness needs. When you choose a small gym, you’re much more likely to get one-on-one attention, which means that you’re going to get a customized workout plan that’s tailor made for you. Whatever your concerns may be, a personal trainer can design a program for you. If you are coming back from an injury, want to lose weight or are hoping to finally bulk up a bit, a small gym is better equipped to help you met your goals and at My House Fitness our trainers will help you achieve your fitness desires.

2. Less Intimidation

Large gyms answer to a distant corporate office that can make unilateral decisions that have a direct effect on your workouts. That Tuesday evening class you love? It could suddenly be gone one week, leaving you with the option of having to switch to a new class that’s unfamiliar and may not be as fun for you. The need to constantly readjust your expectations to the head office’s vision for your workouts can be really intimidating for many people. It’s much nicer to have local folks making the decisions, which is usually how it works with smaller gyms.

Intimidation of another kind is also a factor at big gyms. With such a large membership, you’re going to come into contact with a broad cross section of the population. There are bound to be some workout warriors who are determined to stare everyone else down and make them wait, no matter how long it takes, to use “their” equipment. At My House Fitness, that kind of intimidation all but disappears.

3. Community and Accountability

A study done by the Indiana University showed that couples who joined a gym with a spouse showed that 50% more of the couples were still working out at the end of the year than those who went by themselves. Whether with or without your spouse small gyms are particularly attractive because they foster a real sense of community. Clients build a genuine relationship with a personal trainer that they see on a regular basis. Moreover, regular attendance at classes that aren’t packed with too many students produces an opportunity to make new friends. When you see the same people week after week, they become an inspiration to you, just as you do to them. This also improves the accountability of the members at a small gym. It’s hard to resist phone calls, texts and emails all asking about whether or not you’re going to be in class tonight. A small gym lets you enjoy the spirit of joining a healthy group activity and create real relationships.

4. No Contracts or Commitments

Ever paid for a gym membership you didn’t use? Statistics show that 67% of Americans with gym memberships do not use them in the given year. If you don’t want to be trapped in an endless cycle of monthly bills from a big gym, then a local gym is your fitness solution. A smaller health club is usually happy to accommodate whatever kind of membership works for you. Maybe that’s month to month or perhaps you’d like to buy a package. Without a strict corporate code to go by, it’s easier for a small gym to offer you a deal you can’t refuse.

5. Real Results

What do you get when enjoy personalized workouts in a place where intimidation isn’t a factor? You get real results. That may mean that you lose weight or inches, have more energy, get stronger and just feel fitter and more able to cope with everyday life. Thanks to the measurable results you’ll receive, you’ll know you made a smart choice.


Choose a local gym like My House Fitness if you’re ready to join a healthy and flexible community that can help you achieve the results you’ve been searching for. We provide monthly health evaluations to determine how effective the goal setting is and will develop new goals each month to push and get you in the best shape of your life.