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5 Ways to Keep your fitness resolution

Get in Shape for the New Year

Every year, usually around New Year, people start making resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is becoming more fit. For some that means losing weight, for others it means adding on a bit more muscle. Whatever their fitness goals are, people usually start out the new year with a lot of energy and motivation, only to lose that a month or so in. So what can keep you from quitting your fitness training a month in? Below are some ways that you can keep on track to hitting your fitness goals.

Make a Plan

Making a plan is a critical part of success in your fitness training. Are you disciplined enough to workout on your own or do need a small local gym? Having a plan lets you see the bigger picture of your fitness and the direction you want to go. A plan is also important in deciding how you are going to train. Different end goals can require different training methods, which leads us to the next point.

Create a Routine

Creating a routine is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success in sticking with a fitness regimen. A workout routine helps keep you on track with your workouts. Oftentimes it can be difficult to continually come up with workouts for each day. This might not even be possible, depending on your knowledge of fitness. Having a routine helps you to relax, knowing that your workouts are scheduled beforehand. Having a routine also helps you to put into action the plans you made in the previous step and keeps you committed.

Set Short Term, Measurable Goals

This step, like the others, is very important in the journey of fitness, though it is often overlooked. Many people in the planning stage set large goals for themselves. This is not a bad thing, but to get there you need short term goals that will keep you on track to meet the larger goals. These short term goals must also be measurable. This is important, because if you cannot measure your progress then you cannot be sure you are really progressing. Set small, reachable goals that you can measure to ensure progress and continued motivation. Celebrate each fitness milestone and reflect on the work it took to get to that point.

Get Accountability

Getting accountability helps ensure that you will not skip workouts. It also helps keep you honest when training, like not skipping or cheating on exercises. Having accountability keeps you motivated as well, encouraging you to keep going. You can get accountability in several ways. Probably the easiest way is to simply find a workout buddy. This person can workout with you and keep you honest and motivated. Another option is to find a personal trainer although you may be asking yourself if you need a personal trainer. Personal training has been proven to provide better results because a personal trainer can tailor a workout routine for your fitness goals and help keep you on track to meet your goals. You can also take group fitness classes, if you are not intimidated by working out with a group.

Have Fun

You need to have fun with your routine. Having fun ensures that you stick with a program and seeing results will help you enjoy working out all the more. Pick exercises and workout programs that are challenging but that you like to do. There are literally thousands of different exercises and programs that you can choose from. Pick ones that you like to do and that fit your goals. You can also mix up workouts from time to time. Have fun with your workout routine to make sure you do not become stagnant in your pursuit of fitness.


In the end, there are many ways that you can stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals. One of the easiest ways to do this is by finding a gym that specializes in personal training like My House Fitness. We know how to personalize fitness routines to help you reach your goals. We also help keep you honest and motivated during your workouts by challenging you physically and with your diet as well. We also mix up workouts to keep them fun. All in all, getting a personal trainer is one of the easiest ways you can hit your fitness aspirations for any New Year.