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5 Tips To Stay in Shape on a Cruise Ship Vacation

Cruising & Abusing Your Health

Spring is here, and that means that people will soon be cruising. While some people view cruising as a never-ending smorgasbord, you can adopt a healthier perspective. One study found that the average cruiser takes in at least 1,000 extra calories each day and depending on the duration of your adventure that daily double could catch up with you before you know it. We know that vacations are times to relax and enjoy but we want you to be ready to create a health plan. Cruise fitness is easier than you think, especially with these tips.

1. Create an Exercise Regimen Before Leaving Home

If you haven’t exercised in years and go all out on the first day of your cruise, then you may spend the rest of the voyage being with sore muscles. Cruises are frequently planned months in advance, which means that you have time to create a personalized exercise regimen before you get on the cruise and while you are on the cruise ship.

There are exercises that you can do without leaving your stateroom so create a plan to make sure that you combat the indulgence with physical activity.

Cruise ships have an amazing array of exercise facilities. From gyms to climbing walls, you’ll have many options. This means you can continue your routine without getting sore.

2. Visit the Gym

In the gym, you’ll find all of the usual suspects like treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines. Most have exercise studios where you can sample then register for group classes. This may be a great time to try something new.

Cruise ships are huge, and with thousands of passengers, some activities fill up quickly. This is especially true of the most popular fitness classes. Accordingly, it’s important that you make a visit to the gym on your embarkation day so you’ll have first choice. You can talk the ship’s personnel about which fitness classes are right for you, and you can probably even sign up on the spot. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an old favorite or to gain insight into a new activity.

3. Choose Healthy Foods

Perhaps the most difficult part of a cruise fitness routine is having to face down the mountains of desserts. Plus, the menu in the main dining room is likely loaded with less healthy choices that may include fried, greasy or fatty foods. However, cruise lines are aware that many of their passengers are making healthier choices when it comes to dining. Look at menus or ask servers about low-fat and heart-healthy options that can help to keep you on track. It also may be helpful to check out some of the alternative on-board restaurants where you might discover even more delicious, healthy cuisine.

People frequently use a cruise as a time to enjoy new wines or discover some top-shelf cocktails. There’s no law that says you can’t indulge, but do so mindfully. Be aware of the calories that you’re drinking, and enjoy an extra-healthy meal to balance out the equation.

4. Find Alternative Ways To Stay Active

Some people don’t enjoy exercising in a gym, but that is why cruising is such a great option. Most ships have so many incredible facilities like basketball courts, tennis courts, virtual driving ranges for golfers, surf pools and climbing walls. There’s normally an outdoor track where passengers can walk or jog at all hours. Alternatively, taking the stairs over the elevator is a great way burn extra calories throughout the day.

Just because you are on vacation does mean you have to be sedentary. Get up and get active!

5. Take an Active Excursion

Instead of choosing an excursion where you sit in a van, select one that will have you cycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking or horseback riding. Or, you might simply walk around a port city instead of hiring a taxi. A little extra physical activity can go a long way.

Cruise fitness is really all about finding a balance. Try a high intensity workout in the morning, but make sure that you also leave time for napping in a deck chair. Similarly, keeping most of your meals healthy is an excellent rule of thumb, but indulge occasionally in a delicious dessert or cocktail to make the most of your experience. By striving for balance, you’ll be gaining the best of both worlds.


Here at My House Fitness we know that our members will go on vacations where they will most likely indulge over their daily recommended calories intake but we prepare them before hand with extra workouts and a dedicated plan of attack for when the cruise comes.

Gaining just one pound in a week will take more than double that to get rid of so create a plan and stand firm in the face of all the food.

Happy Sailing!