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6 daily habits of a healthy persons lifestyle

Getting Healthy Starts with Daily Decisions

Healthy habits don’t happen by accident. In fact, most people work hard to establish them. The good news is that healthy habits get easier if you stick with them, though it is difficult to put your life on a healthier track after being sedentary and careless about what you eat. Your healthier lifestyle will become increasingly automatic as time goes by. Soon, you’ll hardly be able to remember a time when you always felt sluggish and were carrying around all that extra weight.

A healthy lifestyle can be highly individualized. Nonetheless, there are six key components that are required for overall wellness. Make these healthy habits part of your daily routine, and you’ll start feeling better in no time.

1. Ensure Great Sleep

Experts suggest that everyone needs between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. Without adequate shut eye, you’re setting yourself up for dietary failure. That’s according to a Mayo Clinic study, in which researchers discovered that losing just 80 minutes of sleep has a negative effect on the hormones that regulate hunger. The result was the consumption of an excess 549 calories. This means that the longer you sleep, the better you’ll be able to make smart nutritional choices.

2. Regular Exercise Keeps You Healthy and Active

Some people say that they don’t exercise because they don’t have the time. Others use the excuse that they hate working out. Neither one of these is particularly valid. Why? Because there are so many different kinds of exercise! If you find a few physical activities that you genuinely enjoy doing, then you’ll make the time to participate. So, anyone who can’t stand going to the gym may find a suitable alternative in hiking and mountain biking. People who detest working out alone may find the answer in aerobics classes and bootcamps. Someone who has joint problems could find refuge in lap swimming at the local pool. The point is that alternatives for physical activity exist everywhere. You’ve got to find a few that appeal to you, and then stick to them.

3. Plan For Nutritional Success

When you don’t plan your meals in advance, you’re bound to make unhealthy choices. Stumbling to the fridge to grab “whatever” in the morning, hitting a drive-through for lunch and ordering a pizza for dinner are pretty common habits for the unhealthy person. Instead of this haphazard approach, try planning the night before for a healthy breakfast and a lunch that you can take with you. When you have some free time, whip up some healthy dinners that you can freeze for a later date.

4. Get At Least the Recommended Daily Water Intake

If you’re not getting enough water, then you are negatively affected in many ways including losing weight according to a medical journal. Even a minor amount of dehydration is enough to change your mood, cause a headache, increase your anxiety and make it hard for you to concentrate. Experts recommend getting approximately two liters of water every day. This may even help you kick your soda habit.

5. Laugh Every Day

Did you know that smiling actually stimulates your brain in healthy ways? People who lead a healthy lifestyle tend to smile and laugh frequently, which leads to more positive brain stimulation and more happiness. Share a joke with a friend, watch a funny movie or take a moment for that silly cat video that everyone’s talking about. It will do you good.

6. Take a Technology Break

While modern technology provides fabulous opportunities to connect with others in the virtual world, connecting on a one-on-one, real world basis remains critical. In fact, a larger social circle has been cited as one of the hallmarks of a healthier lifestyle. Plus, spending too much time on social media is linked to being obese, according to a study from the University of Pittsburgh.

When you cultivate these healthy habits, you’re much more likely to enjoy a long and fulfilling life.