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Avoid the wedding hunger games

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. For many ladies, that means starting a wedding fitness program months before the big day. If you want to lose weight for a wedding, then you have to take a smart approach. Doing so will ensure that you look incredible for the ceremony, and that you’ll be feeling your best.

While most brides want to lose weight for a wedding, focusing on the number of pounds you’d like to shed isn’t the wisest approach. It makes more sense to think about how you want to look and feel. Getting fit can give your energy a boost, improve your mood and prepare you for the challenges of your new life. To that end, you’ll need to find a sensible workout plan that includes smart nutritional choices.

The dress you choose may give you guidance as to which parts of your body you’ll need to focus on. For instance, if you’re going sleeveless, you’ll want to have sleek, toned biceps. If you’re going for a backless look, then you’ll want to do some strength training that will enable you to show off your back with pride.

Find a Victor in Your District

Anyone who is really determined to start a wedding fitness program will have a far more efficient experience if she works with a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will consider your current level of fitness and your goals before developing a workout plan that’s designed to get you where you want to be. Ideally, this workout plan will incorporate cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stretching and a sensible diet so that you’ll get the most out of your efforts. The time you save training with a personal trainer will be crucial as the wedding get closer.

Diet Like a Mocking Jay

It isn’t necessary to take drastic measures when it comes to embracing a healthier diet. Much can be accomplished simply by eating smaller portions and limiting the number of empty calories that you consume. Replace high-sugar and high-fat snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables. Try substituting red meat with leaner chicken and turkey, and go for low-fat dairy products. It may also be helpful to limit alcohol intake. Drinks containing alcohol can easily have more than 100 calories.

Don’t Eat Like Your From District 13

Some brides are tempted to stop eating or to severely limit their calorie intake. This is rarely a good idea. In fact, it can slow down the process of losing weight as your body struggles to find sustenance. Your body requires real, nutritious food as fuel to keep you going, especially at a time that is as hectic as the weeks and months leading up to your wedding.

It is similarly crucial that brides stick to their commitment to be healthy. That means avoiding extreme weight loss tactics like diet pills, diuretics and fasting. It also means actively choosing not to try any dangerous, fad diets that don’t provide the solid nutrition that your body needs to function optimally. Lately, many brides have been falling for the HCG or hormone diet which limits the dieter to just 500 calories a day while they also take hormone supplements. It’s supposed to lead to losing between one half and one pound of weight every day. Or, there is the just as insane K-E diet, where the bride must endure having a feeding tube inserted through her nose to receive a mixture of fat, protein and water for a period of 10 days. It’s possible to lose 15 pounds on this ridiculous plan.

The trouble with diet pills and fad diets is that they will leave you feeling fatigued, cranky and depressed. It’s much preferable to be energized and happy on your wedding day, rather than feeling like you need a nap. Plus, these so-called weight loss strategies don’t deliver lasting results. As soon as you stop using them, the weight comes right back.

Volunteering as Tribute

Most importantly, don’t delay or procrastinate because time can be against you. It’s much more beneficial to choose a wedding fitness program that will help you be healthy for life. We have developed specific workout programs for those to be married. These programs take into consideration your goals, time until wedding and offer flexibility around your busy schedule. Contact a personal trainer at My House Fitness to learn more and get started to your new you.