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Knowing what to eat is half the battle!

Eating healthy can be a challenge in our fast-paced lifestyles and bombarded with tempting advertisements to lure us back into the danger zone. It begins with a mindset which includes purposely planning your day ahead of what meals and snacks you will be eating.

It’s so important to fuel up before and after your My House Fitness personal training and classes in the right way. Small combinations of fruits, nuts, whole grains, dairy and veggies will help provide a desired nutritional blend.

Today, we wanted to look at seven healthy snacks to plan for your week! With purposeful planning, your snack habits will keep you on track too.

1. Nut Bar (Granola Bar):

Finding the right type of granola bar can keep us from becoming hungry and providing a great supply of protein and nutrition that our body needs. Refined grains in granola bars can burn away quickly and leave us hungry again. The Nut Bar packs more of a punch with higher quality ingredients to satisfy your hunger.

2. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit:

If you’re wanting ice cream or yogurt, reach for a creamy Greek yogurt. Not only will this satisfy your desire for this type of food but provides 17 grams of protein to keep you satisfied, with just a small amount of sugar. Greek yogurt is also better for your body to digest food and helps your body fight off illness. Add a cup of strawberries or sliced peaches and you have a great combination!

3. Raw almonds and dried apricots:

If you love trail mix, this is a healthier way to feed your cravings. Traditional trail mix, often times, includes chocolate candies and many peanuts. The raw almonds will give you more calcium, iron and vitamin E, while apricots bring the extra fiber needed. An ounce of almonds and about three apricots will keep the calories to about 200.

4. Cheese and chopped carrots:

Too much and the wrong type of cheese can be very bad for those looking to watch their diets and healthy eating. String cheese or cheddar cheese sticks can provide a healthy satisfaction to these types of cravings. Instead of crackers, carrots offer a delicious substitute and more vitamins and calcium than baby carrots.

5. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a great filling snack that provides many healthy ways for your body to stay healthy. Some of these include magnesium, lowering your chance of developing coronary heart disease, and a great source to boost your natural immune system. Oatmeal also has the effects to make your stomach feel full longer. Add your own fruit or flavor to make the taste better.

6. Healthy soups:

Eating a healthy soup has been shown to extend the length of time of becoming hungry, due mostly to the fact that the liquid causes your stomach to stretch and feel more full. Also, eating soup prior to a lunch/dinner meal has naturally shown that the person will eat less of the main course meal.

7. Cornerstone (My House Fitness) Supplement:

We wanted to use this as a great reminder about the MHF specially formulated supplements that reduces food cravings. Cornerstone is a replacement shake that is properly balanced with protein and fiber. This supplement also provides healthy energy for your body. If you have not experienced this shake, we would love for you to try and see the results!

Eating healthy is a choice made by the right decisions. These are just a handful of healthy options for you and your family.

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