Does Planet Fitness Have Barbells?

Planet Fitness is among America’s top fitness center chains with a unique philosophy. Most Planet Fitness centers don’t have barbells or free weights as they used to have in the past. This change is due to their idea of promoting generalized body fitness rather than extreme workouts.

Their philosophy is to provide a comfortable environment to people looking for a place to work on their fitness—a place where people workout without facing any judgemental remarks or feeling inferior to anyone.

Planet Fitness is more like a fitness club and not a typical GYM. Their subscription charges are lower comparatively, and the environment is suitable for people joining fitness centers for light exercise and burning excessive calories. But if you are a bodybuilder, you won’t feel the environment motivating at Planet Fitness.

Are There Free Barbells At Planet Fitness

Are There Free Barbells At Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness members repeatedly complain that most centers do not have free barbells. Free weights or barbells are available at some locations, but the maximum weight available is only enough for light exercises, not bodybuilding.

However, on their official website, in the virtual tour section, you will find a subsection titled “Free Weights” with a short description and a YouTube video.

The company claims to have all the opportunities a fitness center provides its members. But they don’t have an excellent reputation for their weightlifting equipment.

Does Planet Fitness Have Barbells?

The philosophy of Planet Fitness is quite different from any other typical GYM. In their content, Planet Fitness repeatedly emphasizes their efforts towards providing a judgment-free zone to fitness lovers.

Planet Fitness does not like people who go beyond general body fitness and are more into heavy weight lifting and bulking.

The availability of barbells in Planet Fitness centers will provide a desirable environment and opportunities for people who practice extreme workouts.

There is another popular belief that explains why Planet Fitness does not have free barbells. Like any other fitness center, Planet Fitness wants more and more people to subscribe for their membership.

But more people at their centers will disturb the comfortable environment and make their centers less desirable. The only way to achieve both—more subscriptions and an attractive workout environment—is by encouraging only those who come less frequently and are not fond of heavy workouts.

Lunk alarms in the Planet Fitness centers also support this belief. The Lunk alarm is a loud siren that staff members at Planet Fitness trigger in response to loud grunting sounds of weight lifters and weight drops.

Does Planet Fitness Have Weight Bars?

Planet Fitness has weight bars with weights mentioned on them, but a small range of weights is available to work with. However, besides free weights, Planet Fitness has all kinds of equipment you need for exercise.

Here is a table of the different types of equipment available at Planet Fitness:

Types of EquipmentDescription
Cardio MachinesTreadmills, Rowing machined, Stair climbers, Upright stationary bikes, Elliptical trainers
Strength Training MachinesSeated leg press, Leg extension, Cable machines, Leg curl, Smith machines, Rowing machines
Functional Training MachinesTreadmills, Resistance bands, Medicine balls, Stability balls, Rowing machines, Climbers and steppers, Exercise bikes
Stretching EquipmentYoga mats, Stretching straps, Resistance bands, Cable machines, Ab benches, Foam rollers
Abs Exercise EquipmentAb benches, Ab crunch machines, Ab wheels, Rowing machines, Medicine balls

Does Planet Fitness Have An Actual Bench?

The idea of Planet Fitness doesn’t go well with severe bodybuilding and intense weightlifting. This seems to be the obvious reason why Planet Fitness centers lack bench press equipment. Planet Fitness decided to make these changes in equipment to discourage intense workouts and promote generalized body fitness.

However, Planet Fitness offers alternate equipment for weight lifting, such as Smith machines, dumbbells, and cable machines. There is also a wide range of equipment available for resistance exercises. The only thing you will see missing is the opportunity to work with a wide range of weights.

Can You Deadlift on a Smith Machine?

Deadlifting is one of the most effective techniques to build muscle strength and is the most common practice among bodybuilders. Barbells are the most complete and effective equipment to perform deadlifts.

But there are scenarios when you have no access to barbells, like for the members of Planet Fitness. In such cases, the Smith machine is an effective alternative to free weights for deadlifts.

The Smith machine can be an excellent tool for strengthening exercises, including deadlifts, only if you know how to use it correctly.

It has a restricted range of motion for lifting weights, unlike deadlifts through barbells. You must know how much pressure you can put on your hips when lifting the bar up and pressure on your lower back when going down.

How Do You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

If you are looking for a fitness center where you can perform intense workouts and focus on bodybuilding, there are better choices than Planet Fitness. You can’t perform the most effective strengthening exercises, such as heavy weightlifting, because of the lack of free weights.

But suppose you are already a member of Planet Fitness and want to utilize the available equipment as an alternative to barbells. In that case, the Smith machine is the most effective option to work on.

Even though it is not as effective and simple as deadlifting through barbells, it is a better alternative to lifting weights and building strength.

Is Planet Fitness Good For Beginners?

Is Planet Fitness Good For Beginners?

Planet Fitness is among the best fitness center options available for beginners. As a beginner, you don’t need to work with heavy weights; the primary focus is always general body fitness.

Planet Fitness offers cardio machines, strength training machines, functional training machines, and equipment for stretching exercises, which is everything a beginner needs.

Among the other perks of choosing Planet Fitness over competitors is their comparatively low membership prices.

You will get a decent environment for exercise with all the necessities at a reasonable price. As a beginner, you will feel encouraged at Planet Fitness and less likely to get judgmental remarks or looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have Any Barbells?

Planet Fitness discourages serious bodybuilding and focuses on providing a comfortable environment to people, focusing on general body fitness. They don’t have barbells to perform intense weightlifting exercises.

Can You Lift Seriously At Planet Fitness?

If you lift seriously and focus on bodybuilding, Planet Fitness doesn’t have many opportunities for you. You can’t lift seriously at Planet Fitness because of a lack of free weights.

How Heavy is a Barbell?

A barbell’s weight varies with the rod’s length and the metal density used. A typical barbell weighs about 40 to 50 lbs. or around 20 kg.

Are You Allowed To Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness doesn’t provide you the opportunity to deadlift using free weights. You can lift weights using alternative equipment such as a Smith machine.

Can You Shoulder Press At Planet Fitness?

You cannot shoulder press directly with a variety of free weights at Planet Fitness for shoulder presses, but the Smith machine can be used for this exercise.

Can You Squat in Planet Fitness?

No, you cannot squat as Planet Fitness doesn’t have squat racks, unlike any other typical GYM. However, you can perform squats with a Smith machine using proper techniques.

Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness is a big and reputable name among fitness lovers, providing brilliant opportunities at a reasonable price. The company encourages people to focus on light exercises and overall body fitness.

On the other hand, serious weightlifters or bodybuilders will find fewer opportunities and may experience a lack of equipment, such as barbells and free weights.

Planet Fitness is a decent choice if you are a beginner and searching for a comfortable environment to work on your fitness at a reasonable price.

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