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Why My House Fitness

Real training, real results!

The first question we ask when you walk into a My House Fitness studio is, “How can we help you live better?” There’s a reason why you made a conscious choice to walk through the studio doors, you want to Live Better. While the majority of our workouts are one-on-one training, the My House Fitness approach is to do it together – we are a community.

We offer several fitness programs and workouts arranged around the community mindset from boot camps, group training programs, cardio clubs, social memberships and so much more. Trainers and members support each other and there is a special bond built in our studios. My House Fitness specialists are dedicated and certified personal trainers that create a lifestyle change that begins with personal goal setting. Setting goals is an integral part of your transformation journey, which is why our specialists monitor your wellness journey monthly and discover where modifications are needed. Be inspired, be empowered and get your life back, My House Fitness is here to support your success.

Our Fitness Difference

My House Fitness’ community-centric training takes more than your weight and reps into account. In addition to workouts for every fitness level, our studios offer nutritional and lifestyle support to ensure you Live Better. Our certified training specialists take an individual approach in helping you Live Better by personalizing goals, assisting you with measurable progress and having fun in a non-intimidating environment. Fitness membership options at My House Fitness locations include:


An all-inclusive package that provides a full service approach to reaching lifestyle goals, this membership helps clients achieve their best results, including custom fitness and nutritional training that goes beyond the studio doors.


For clients looking to change up their routines and the flexibility of class options, this membership provides the motivation that comes from being part of a team. This affordable program offers access to My House Fitness challenges, classes, cardio club, wellness workshops and more.

Cardio Club

For beginner to advanced runners, the Cardio Club offers professional running programs, running specific strength training workouts, endurance athlete nutritional guidance, and weekly running meet ups. Cardio Club is customized specifically to our client’s fitness level, whether their running shoes have seen miles of pavement or have just bought their first pair.

Wellness Workshops

Since fitness goals are only one dimension of a lifestyle transformation, My House Fitness’ Wellness Workshops offer topics of interest to our clients wanting to learn more about everything from nutrition to managing stress.   If you have questions or wish to receive additional information from My House Fitness, please contact your local studio or email us and a specialist will get back to you shortly.

Discover the My House Fitness Community


You have questions and we have answers.  Check out our FAQ page, your question may already be answered.


Complement your workout routine and get better results by attempting a lifestyle or fitness challenge.


Read our blog for fitness and lifestyle tips, ideas and stories to help you stay focused and excited throughout your journey.


Reach your fitness goals by benefiting from the combination of personal training and motivation that comes from being part of a community.

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