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Achieving Your Goals is More Than a Workout

Changing your lifestyle can be challenging. My House Fitness is here to help lead you through your journey. The physical transformation is only one aspect of your goals, feeding the mind with educational and inspiring topics to get through the day-to-day is also a vital part of the journey. Our blog is here to help you stay focused and enthusiastic to live the best life you can. Browse through our hundreds of fitness and lifestyle tips, ideas and stories.

Keto vs Whole30

  Millions of people across the U.S. struggle with weight loss on a daily basis. When it comes to diets, they’ve tried them all. Two eating plans currently are making headlines in the news and on social media. Called the Ketogenic Diet and Whole30, both...

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Summer Guide to Maintaining Your Figure

Summer Guide to Maintaining Your Figure Summer is right around the corner. It’s that season when we throw aside our jeans and sweaters in favor of shorts and swimsuits. However, stripping away that full-coverage clothing may leave you feeling self-conscious....

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3 Holiday Fitness Mistakes

Visiting home, catching up with old friends, enjoying all kinds of delicious flavor—the holidays are the best. Making holiday fitness mistakes, though? Not the best. Actually, they’re kind of the worst and can absolutely ruin your holidays. Odds are, you’ve made one...

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Top Ten Workout Myths Women Over 50…Part 1

SAY IT AIN’T SO: TOP TEN WORKOUT MYTHS … FOR WOMEN OVER 50 PART 1 We’ve all heard them: words of wisdom and “sage” advice from well-meaning friends.  It seems like everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing before, during and after a...

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Is Detox Water The Answer?

STICK A FORK IN IT: 6 DETOX WATERS THAT HELP YOU BEAT THE BELLY BLOAT What happened?  You hit 40 and your belly just started to slowly expand despite your best attempts to control it?  We know you’re thinking, “I’m getting fat!” and you’re starting to panic, aren’t...

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Make it a Date Night…Couples Training

Make it a Date Night…Couples Training Keeping your body healthy takes work. Keeping your relationship healthy also requires effort. Why not combine the two and make your next date night an evening at the gym! You can spend time together, to ensure that your body...

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Top 3 Ways to Eliminate Cellulite

Top 3 Ways to Eliminate Cellulite Anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and seen lumpy, dimpled skin has probably felt a sinking feeling. That’s because the abnormal appearance of that skin indicates the presence of cellulite. This condition is a problem for...

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How Much Protein Should I Eat Daily?

How Much Protein Should I Eat Daily? It can be difficult for the average person to sift through all of the conflicting reports regarding what constitutes good nutrition. For instance, most people know that protein is essential for a healthy body, but they have no way...

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5 Major Perks of Exercise for Menopausal Women

1. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT You might’ve realized around your late 20s that your rapid-speed metabolism was slowing down, and you had to cut back on ordering “fries with that” with every meal. Hormonal changes during menopause can sometimes mean it’s easier to gain weight....

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When Should Children Start Working Out?

When Should Children Start Working Out? An increasing number of kids are showing an interest in beginning a fitness program. This is a healthy prospect, as media reports of obesity rates in children are alarming. While it’s never too early to encourage a child...

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3 Signs of Perimenopause

3 Signs of Perimenopause Menopause is known as the time that a woman’s reproductive hormones begin to decline and their menstruation completely ceases. However, most women do not realize that symptoms can occur before, known as perimenopause. Symptoms began...

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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Summer

The long, hot days of summer are here, and that makes good hydration practices a major concern. That’s because being even slightly dehydrated can affect your mood and how your body functions. Severe dehydration is a far more serious concern that can become...

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