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Achieving Your Goals is More Than a Workout

Changing your lifestyle can be challenging. My House Fitness is here to help lead you through your journey. The physical transformation is only one aspect of your goals, feeding the mind with educational and inspiring topics to get through the day-to-day is also a vital part of the journey. Our blog is here to help you stay focused and enthusiastic to live the best life you can. Browse through our hundreds of fitness and lifestyle tips, ideas and stories.

Are You Eating Good Fat?

Misconceptions About Fat Many people believe that all fats are bad. In reality, some fats are good for you and are essential to the proper functioning of your body. This means that you can’t completely cut fat out of your diet. Nonetheless, you can learn to...

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Body Types & Weight Loss

By Granito diaz – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link What Body Type Are You and How Does It Affect Your Weight Loss? Most people who want to achieve weight loss know that they will have to change their diet and exercise regularly. What they don’t realize is that...

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5 Tips To Stay In Shape On a Cruise

Cruising & Abusing Your Health Spring is here, and that means that people will soon be cruising. While some people view cruising as a never-ending smorgasbord, you can adopt a healthier perspective. One study found that the average cruiser takes in at least 1,000...

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Is it time to Spring Clean your Health & Fitness?

It’s Time to Thaw Out Your Fitness The beginning of Spring signals the start of de-cluttering closets and garages everywhere. You should¬†also spring clean your fitness routine. Revamping your spring fitness regimen may take work, but it’s worth it....

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Finding The Right Gym For You

Achieve Fitness¬†Success Most people who join a gym do so with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, a few months later their resolution has fallen by the wayside. This is often because they haven’t chosen the right gym. Finding the right gym is an art. When you...

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Avoid The Wedding Hunger Games

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. For many ladies, that means starting a wedding fitness program months before the big day. If you want to lose weight for a wedding, then you have to take a smart approach. Doing...

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Fitness 101: Common Fitness Questions

Educating Fitness Everyday If you’re like many people, then you probably want to know the answers to some common fitness questions as you begin a new exercise program. That’s understandable, because there are various fitness myths that persist even in the...

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4 Ways to Measure Fitness Success

Measuring Fitness Results When it comes to fitness success, we’ve seen it all. Some people come to us because they want to lose weight. Others want to look better in their clothes, while someone else might want to get stronger. It seems like everyone has...

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6 Ways To Prevent Injury At The Gym

Train Safely at the Gym With the popularity of High Intensity Interval Training, which is commonly referred to as HIIT, more people are getting in shape than ever before. Unfortunately, reports show more people are also getting injured. That’s because these...

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The History of Gyms

The Evolution of the Gymnasium Gyms are enormously popular in America. In fact, statistics suggest that about 12 percent of the population has a membership. Gyms have become so pervasive that it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t found dotted...

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Fitness 101: The Plank

Assessing Your Ab Workout When you think about training your core muscles, exercises like crunches and sit ups probably spring to mind. However, the plank is a much better and more effective means of working out your core. That’s because crunches and sit ups...

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5 Foods You Thought Were Healthy

Nutritional Misconceptions Weight loss is about much more than getting regular exercise. In fact, eating healthy food is actually far more critical when it comes to achieving your goals for losing weight. Knowing that is a good place to start, but if you really want...

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