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Fitness Franchise Opportunity

If you have a passion for physical fitness that you’d like to transform into a career, then owning a My House Fitness franchise may be the solution for you. My House Fitness is an industry leader thanks to our commitment to total health and wellness. We focus not only on boosting strength, agility and physical ability, but also on good nutrition and a positive mental outlook. If this sounds like a team you want to join, then keep reading to learn more.

People Want to Get Fit

Did you know that more than 54 million Americans had gym memberships in 2014? Those memberships generated five billion gym visits in a single year. At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly 70 percent of Americans are considered overweight. With the media and the medical community constantly agitating and educating about the benefits of better health, an increasing number of these people are going to be looking for a gym membership.

The Benefits of Owning a Fitness Franchise

Franchising is the perfect answer for someone who wants to own a business, but doesn’t necessarily want to start from scratch. The prospect of franchising involves a great deal less risk and expense. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of My House Fitness experts who have developed a successful business model that you can easily emulate. From helping to design and build your location to doing some of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing, we’ll be with you every step of the way because we want you to succeed.

Joining the My House Fitness Family

When your determination and passion for fitness are combined with the My House Fitness business model, there’s no way you can’t succeed! Your franchise will benefit from the start thanks to our strong brand-recognition factor. Lots of people have already heard about the My House Fitness difference, and they want to belong to our gyms.

We offer ongoing training and support to help you maximize your options at every stage. When you’re shopping for real estate or drawing up plans for your gym’s layout, we’ll be at your side, offering indispensable guidance and advice. We also help with marketing efforts so that your community knows about the wonderful new fitness opportunity in their neighborhood. When new fitness trends are on the horizon, we make certain that our franchisees are aware of them so that they can capitalize on member interest. There’s no detail that’s too small or too large, and we’re committed to seeing you succeed.

Learn More About Owning a My House Fitness Studio

Whether you are ready to take the leap or just want to know a bit more about becoming a My House Fitness franchisee, contact us today. You can speak with our Franchise Development Director immediately by calling 1-888-524-4047 or just fill out the information below.