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The Great Candy Crush of 2016

It’s coming up to that time of year when food and sweets fall like rain and the mounting pressure and temptation are too much to bear.

If you don’t have kids or nephews to steal candy from than you probably have seen the buy one get one free offers at your local supermarket. While most of America is showing no remorse as they dig through each bag of candy to claim their favorites, you have the self control and discipline to show those sweet morsels they have no control over you! For those of you that do not have the iron will to resist a piece of your long-missed sugar infused taste of heaven then we want to illuminate the post candy sugar slump that you will be fighting.

Below you will find a list of the most popular Halloween candies, the basic nutritional information and what it will take to burn the calories from consuming each. While our metabolisms weren’t what they were when we were young, we can prepare and limit our exposure to over-indulging on this candy-filled day.

The Best and Worst Halloween Candies


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups – 5 miniatures
22013g17 mins.15 mins.39 mins.26 mins.17 mins.

Kit Kat – 2 fun size bars
21011g16 mins.15 mins.37 mins.24 mins.16 mins.

Sour Patch Kids – 1 fun size pack
2100g16 mins.15 mins37 mins.24 mins.16 mins.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses – 9 pieces
20012g16 mins.14 mins.35 mins.23 mins.16 mins.

Butterfinger \u2013 2 fun size bars
1707g13 mins.12 mins.30 mins.20 mins.13 mins.

Snickers – 2 fun size bars
1608g12 mins.11 mins.28 mins.19 mins.13 mins.

Twix – 2 fun size bars
1608g12 mins.11 mins.28 mins.19 mins.13 mins.

Almond Joy \u2013 2 snack size bars
1609g12 mins.11 mins28 mins.19 mins.13 mins.

Mounds 2 snack size bars
1607g12 mins11 mins.28 mins.19 mins.13 mins.

Starbursts – 8 pieces
1603g12 mins.11 mins.28 mins.19 mins.13 mins.

Candy Corn – 19 pieces
1400g10 mins.9 mins.23 mins.15 mins.10 mins.<\/tr>

Gummi Bears – 14 pieces
1300g10 mins.9 mins.23 mins.15 mins.10 mins.

Three Musketeers – 2 fun size bars
1274g10 mins.9 mins.22 mins.15 mins.10 mins.

York Peppermint Pattie \u2013 2 snack size patties
1202g9 mins.8 mins.21 mins.14 mins.9 mins.

Tootsie Rolls – 5 pieces
1172.5g9 mins.8 mins.20 mins.14 mins.9 mins.

Peanut M&Ms – 1 fun size pack
905g8 mins.6 mins.16 mins.11 mins.7 mins.

Skittles – 1 fun size pack
600.5g5 mins.4 mins.11 mins.7 mins.5 mins.

— *Calories burned from exercise based on a 180-lb. male. Running – 11.5-min. mi.; cycling – easy pace, less than 10 mph. Source: BodyBuilding.com


Whatever you decide to eat, just make sure that you keep in mind your calorie intake and don’t let this be the start to a downward decline this season. If you need help staying fit through the festivities, find your local My House Fitness and let us help you reach your weight loss goals.