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You’ve probably heard this from me before, but I rarely listen to music when I run around Tuskawilla- I am usually chit chatting with Christian, Trish, Molly or Sara. But when I am running on my own from Red Bug Lake road to Dyson and all around Northern Way, I listen to audio of some sort, who has time to read books? So why not listen to them? (it’s mostly motivational stuff.. stuff that ‘exercises my brain’) Well I just listened to this story that everyone should hear – About 25 years ago this guy called W. Mitchell was driving his motorcycle on the freeway, and for whatever reason he got distracted by something on the side of the road. When he looked back up he found he was about to crash right into a big truck that was stopped in front of him. So in a split second decision he smashed his motorcycle on the ground and slid himself under the truck. But then something awful happened.. the gas cap slipped off the truck, and the truck exploded into flames while W. was underneath it. He survived, but his body was 75% burnt and his entire face was mutilated. He woke up 2 weeks later out of a coma in extreme pain. He even mentioned at the time he was “afraid to breath” because he was in so much pain. Now for MOST people, this would be too much.. MOST people would think “Forget this, why stick around in this body?” Even I have to admit but listening to his story I wondered what I would do in his same position. I have struggled in my life, I have been through a lot of tragedies…I have managed to stay a happy person, and W. well he too did something different then you would expect- he decided to take things for what they were and be in the utmost positive attitude for the rest of his life. His bodily systems were actually so damaged that he could not take any drugs.. but everyone that met him THOUGHT that he was on drugs as he was so uplifting all the time. The reality is, after his accident W. Mitchell made a DECISION to manage his STATE OF MIND. So he can stay POSITIVE no matter what!

He said: “I can feel bad emotionally about everything I lost, and just make my life a mess.. .. or I can focus on what I am going to DO. This way my focus will be on something that can give me at least a little bit of pleasure to distract me from my physical pain.” And that’s exactly what he did. Within 3 years he managed himself so well that he started his own business. Shortly after that his company became the #1 employer of his state. He even became a millionaire, and learned how to fly airplanes. BUT.. that’s not the end of the story. About 8 years later he was flying his airplane through Colorado, and he made a big mistake. He forgot to do his pre-flight checkup, and because there was frost on the wings he crashed shortly after taking off. He survived again, but he was paralyzed from the waist down for life. So they cut off his toes (since he didn’t need them anymore), and they sowed them on his hands so he had something to grasp with. And to top it off, not too long after his crash his wife left him.. STILL, he didn’t give up. The city he was living in at the time was having some problems, so he became the mayor of that town. After that, he ran for lieutenant-governor of the state of Colorado. He placed third (out of 6 people), but what was remembered most was that his slogan was “make me the lieutenant governor and I won’t just be another pretty face!”.


So next time you hear yourself thinking you have some ‘problems‘.. then think of W. Mitchell. What I’m trying to say here is that there is no such thing as a handicap. No matter how hard you may have it, your worst day is someone else’s dream come true. There’s a guy called Dave Kekich and he has a credo that is one of my personal favorite quotes. “Things are rarely as bad as they seem when things are going bad.. and things are rarely as good as they seem when things are going good..” Do not allow any ideas people have of you to effect your attitude. That means positive or negative. Because feelings about yourself shouldn’t come from the outside, they should come from within……


So next time something gets in your way, do yourself a favor and don’t complain. Accept it for what it is and realize what you do have. I haven’t done it yet, but every time I hear someone complain, I get tempted to point out Kris Stell. She signed up with us just over a year ago. When she started she was a happy person who was shocked as she saw herself on the Jumbo Tron..she didn’t even recognize herself. If she would’ve had the same train of thought like most people.. she would’ve attended our workouts for a week, and then decide it was too tough and quit. But she didn’t. She totally went for it, and now when we throw burpees at her, bearcrawls, one-legged deadlifts, and every other hard exercise.. she finds a way, gets down, puts in work, and smiles afterwards. After just a few months she lost a TON of inches, and she looks so different that even one of my trainers asked me “Wait.. is that.. Kris Stell?” She is currently down well over 40lbs and is keeping up the hard work!

Hard Work+dedication=RESULTS. If it was easy everyone would be doing it……