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Make it a Date Night…Couples Training

Keeping your body healthy takes work. Keeping your relationship healthy also requires effort. Why not combine the two and make your next date night an evening at the gym! You can spend time together, to ensure that your body and your relationship stays strong and healthy, while you workout. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Built-in Workout Buddy

Countless studies have shown us that when you workout with a partner you are more likely to stick to your exercise plan. In fact a study from Indiana University looked specifically at couples that exercised together and found that only eight percent who hit the gym together quit compared to half of the married participants who worked out solo.

That being said, your favorite workout may not be something your spouse or significant other has done before. Both of you need to be open to trying new things. Who knows—you may discover a new workout that you can’t get enough of or that helps you solve a problem area!

Pick a Couple’s Workout

The key to turning your workout into a date night is picking something that you can do together. You want the opportunity to bond with each other, not plug into your ear buds and block everything out.

A class or boot camp is a great choice or even working together with a personal trainer. Sure you can be each other’s spotter or share side-by-side treadmills, but you also can pick some fun exercises that actually require two people. Think partner sit-ups, partner squats or even certain stretches like a sit and twist where you hold hands and twist to the side in opposite directions.

Date Workout Dont’s

Just like any date, there are certain behaviors that you will want to steer clear of during a date night workout. For instance on a “real” date, you wouldn’t ignore what your date was saying or monopolize the conversation. Here are some don’ts if your next date is at the gym:

  • Don’t act like a trainer. It probably rubs you the wrong way when your sweetie tells you that you aren’t loading the dishwasher the right way, so don’t tell them they are doing a bicep curl wrong. Save the form corrections for your personal trainer.
  • Don’t hit the gym without a plan. You will both have a better time if you have an agreed upon plan before you start your workout. That way you both know what to expect.
  • Don’t be mean. Ever struggled to do something, say assemble a piece of furniture, and your partner makes fun of you? Not cool, right? Remember that and don’t make fun of your spouse if he or she can’t nail tree pose or needs to drop some weight from the machine.
  • Don’t try to keep up. What if you are the one that isn’t at the same level as your date? Your workout shouldn’t be a competition, so don’t feel like you have to try and keep up. Work at your own pace. And if you fall out of a pose or do something embarrassing, don’t worry about it. Shake it off—it happens!
  • Don’t engage in PDA. Yes it is a date workout, but that doesn’t mean you turn it into a make out session. Save all that for when you get home!

My House Fitness offers a “date night” program just for you! Contact us to learn more about our couples training program.