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“I’m too tired. It’s raining. I can’t work out on days that end in day.” We’ve all been there. Making excuses for why we can’t go to the gym. Motivation is one of, if not the most difficult thing to maintain when it comes to exercise. Just taking the initiative to get out of the house and walk through those studio doors is something to be proud of. Below are 5 strategies you can use to stay motivated!

1. Create a reward system.

We all love prizes. Set goals for yourself and when you achieve those goals, make it worth your while. Whether it’s rewarding yourself with some frozen yogurt or a new pair of shoes, you should be proud of the progress you made!

2. Have an accountabilibuddy.

It’s easy to let ourselves down, but when someone else is relying on you, we all tend to work a little harder. Whether this is a workout partner, family member, or even your trainer, empower someone else to help you stay on track!

3. Share your exercise journey on social media.

We’ve all seen it on our timelines. That friend who is posting the before, during and after photos of their weight loss journey. And you know what? It’s probably working for them. Your social media friends and followers can provide motivation and encouragement through positive and even negative comments. And when you hit your targets, you’ll be eager to share your success! Plus, you may just motivate others to start their journey!

4. Write in a journal.

Now this can be digital or with good old fashion pen and paper. The latter tends to be more effective because you can keep it with you at all times. You should write down all of the activity you did for the day and everything you’ve eaten. Also make sure to record your weight loss. And the end of each week, read through your journal and see all of the progress you’ve made!

5. Mix things up.

Your brain, muscles and taste buds can easily get bored when doing the same exercises or eating the same food day in and day out. Don’t be afraid to change it up! At My House Fitness, we are always finding new ways to challenge your mind, body and soul!

At My House Fitness, we help our clients stay motivated through specialized one-on-one training, nutritional coaching and group classes! Contact your local My House Fitness to find your motivation!