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Do you know the difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian? You might think that nutrition counseling services automatically deliver the advice of a nutritionist, but that’s not always the case. It’s important to understand the difference in who might be giving you guidance on a major aspect of your life.

Nutritionists are people who teach others about food and nutrition. They educate people on topics such as everyday dietary needs, food preparation, and how to reach specific nutrition-related goals. Most nutritionists have achieved their status by obtaining a two- or four-year degree in their field. Usually there aren’t specific requirements for certification or consistent standards to regulate the title of “nutritionist” from state to state. This means individual clients have the responsibility of directly asking a nutritionist about his or her background and qualifications.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the governing organization that upholds the standards for becoming a registered dietician (RD). A person must first obtain a Bachelor’s degree then build upon it by undergoing additional coursework and a clinical internship. RD hopefuls also must pass a national exam administered by the academy’s Commission on Dietetic Registration. After all that, some states require yet another type of licensure process.

We focus a lot of attention on our nutrition counseling program because it benefits so many types of people in a meaningful way. When you seek advice from a paid professional, you expect top-notch advice from a real expert, right? That’s why the My House Fitness nutrition counseling program offers specialized, customizable meal plans created by registered dietitians.

Our trainer-run program is packed full of guidance from our DietMaster Pro counselors, experts who help navigate the tricky terrain of nutrition as it relates to individual goals and special dietary needs. Participants often surprise themselves at how well they stick to their meal plans. Reduced sodium, low-carb, calorie counts, sugar free, lean protein … you name it. It is easy to follow our meal plans because they are filled with a wide variety of delicious options and the plans are comprehensive enough to cover those surprise moments when you’re unexpectedly faced with food dilemmas.

Our DietMaster Go mobile app gives you anytime access to your very own meal plans, making success even easier to achieve. Can you imagine flipping through your menus in the time it usually takes to scroll through the weather forecast? The added advantages of having the app on your phone include the ability to keep your food diary and add physical activities in the same program for simple auto-calculation of your progress. You can even scan box codes to enter food!

Lots of people try dieting and following nutrition-related apps on their own. The key is to have a professional who is answering your questions and feeding you the truth about your needs based on real knowledge of food and nutrients. If you seriously want to get healthy, get in touch, and get one-on-one expert advice from registered dietitians, trainers and nutrition counselors at My House Fitness.