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Summer Guide to Maintaining Your Figure

Summer is right around the corner. It’s that season when we throw aside our jeans and sweaters in favor of shorts and swimsuits. However, stripping away that full-coverage clothing may leave you feeling self-conscious. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why summer is such a popular time for trying to lose weight.

People tend to be most concerned with losing belly weight. Here’s the bad news: There is no way to focus your efforts solely on one part of your body. The good news is that your efforts to lose belly fat will benefit your whole body. Not only will you lose the extra pounds around your middle, but also you might find that your hips, thighs and arms are shrinking too.

All you need now is a plan for losing weight. Fortunately, your plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow the tips below to get started. For even more success, get the whole family involved. It’s never too early to encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.

Increase Cardiovascular Training

If you already get regular aerobic exercise, that’s wonderful! Consider adding one day a week to your routine or increasing the length of your existing workouts. If you don’t do any cardiovascular training, now is the time to start. A short walk or bike ride is a good beginning. Just be consistent, making a point to move three or four days a week for half an hour each time. You can build on the length and intensity of your workouts from there.

Incorporate Strength Training

Too many people, especially women, have a tendency to avoid strength training. That’s a mistake, because strength training can seriously increase the amount of fat and calories that your body burns. If you’re serious about losing belly fat, then weightlifting is a must. Even body-weight exercises or movements that incorporate light dumbbells are enough for you to start seeing results.

Create a Meal Plan

With a meal plan; you will always know that healthy foods are in your future. You’ll also be less likely to fall back on fast food and pizza when things get busy. Make certain that your meal plan includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins. Focusing on these foods will help you lose belly fat.

Cut Down on Sugar

It’s just not realistic to completely cut sugar out of your diet. In fact, your body actually needs a certain amount of the sweet stuff for optimal functioning. Try to get what your body needs from natural sources like fresh fruits. Limit intake of foods that contain added sugar like pastries, ice cream, cake and pie. Make dessert a special occasion rather than part of the everyday routine.

Look for New Ways to Be Active

Whenever you can, plan outdoor activities with your family that will get all of you active. Go for a hike on a nature trail, suggest playing tag at the park or make a habit of an after-dinner walk. Other outdoor activities that you might try that are perfect for summer are stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, volleyball and badminton.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Many alcoholic beverages have a surprising number of calories. If you’re serious about losing belly fat this summer, then give some thought to how much alcohol you drink. It may be possible for you to shed a few pounds by only indulging on special occasions.

Organize a Day Without Screens

Adults and kids tend to spend too much time sitting down, staring at a screen instead of doing something active. Set aside one day a week on which screen time is limited in favor of doing something active instead.

Get Some Sleep

Quality sleep is an often overlooked component of overall good health. Someone who isn’t getting around eight hours a night is bound to be less active during the day, so make sure to get your essential shut eye.