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spring clean your health and fitness routine with personal trainingIt’s Time to Thaw Out Your Fitness

The beginning of Spring signals the start of de-cluttering closets and garages everywhere. You should also spring clean your fitness routine. Revamping your spring fitness regimen may take work, but it’s worth it. You’ll look and feel healthier, which gives you incentive to attain even more personal and professional goals.

Evaluate Your Current Health & Fitness Routine

If you’re like many people, you may have started out in January with several resolutions, many of which probably related to eating right and exercising. Now that a couple of months have elapsed, it’s time to check in to see how you’re doing by asking yourself some questions.

  • Have you met the health or fitness goals you set for yourself?
  • What kind of progress have you made?
  • Is something preventing you from attaining your goals?

It’s only natural to find that you haven’t stuck as close to your resolutions as you had planned. Maybe more fats and sugars have been creeping into your diet or perhaps you’re not working out as often as you hoped to. That’s all right! The spring fitness season is the perfect time to get back on track.

If you’re happy with the results you’re seeing, then congratulations are in order. You may be ready to set a new goal that will have you feeling even better than you do right now. Alternatively, if you feel like your efforts are leaving a bit to be desired, it’s not too late to refocus your goals. Maybe you’ll have better success if you break your fitness goal down into smaller, more manageable parts.

Is It a Plateau?

Anyone who has been working out for a while may notice that they’re getting diminishing returns. They stick to their routine, but they’re not losing fat or gaining muscle like they were in the beginning. This may indicate that you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness regimen.

Sometimes a plateau only seems like a plateau, so the first step is to strictly evaluate your diet, exercise and sleep for a couple of weeks to make certain that you’re giving your all to your routine. If you discover that you aren’t, then it’s time to redouble your efforts. However, if you’re still following your plan to the letter and you’re not getting rewarded for it, then it may be time to switch things up.

You might focus on small goals or try a new type of workout. How about switching out one serving of whole grains for vegetables? The point is to stick with it. You can get past a plateau, but it will probably take a lot of hard work.

Get Outdoors

One of the best parts of Spring is the warmer, drier weather. Use this as an excuse to take your workouts to the park, the river, the lake or anywhere else that you enjoy being active. This just might be the jumpstart you need to get past a plateau. Plus, getting outside for a hike or bike ride is the perfect excuse to put a little more movement in your life.

Scour the Pantry

Food is the fuel your body needs to work at optimum efficiency. The better quality your fuel is, the better you’ll function and you might find that the better food doesn’t cost that much more. Scour the pantry for any lurking fats, sweets, processed foods and alcohols that could be holding back your progress. Replace them with lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Keep Your Sights on Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. If you stick to a spring fitness routine, you’ll be ready for anything when the warmer months arrive. Remember that each workout and healthy meal brings you one step closer to being summer ready.

If you haven’t started a spring fitness routine yet or you feel like your regimen could use some sprucing up, contact a My House Fitness location near you. Our well-equipped gyms and highly qualified personal trainers can help you revamp or create a fantastic fitness routine to encourage you and get you past and barriers you have felt before.